Anthony Cabrera



CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

Filipino American born and raised in Orange County, California I grew up with a passion for sports and love for the outdoors. Not like your typical childhood with sports camps, My brother and I grew up practicing and competing in Taekwondo and would occasionally head to the mountains to snowboard with the “uncles” during the winter. In high school and junior college I competed in Track and Field doing the long and triple jump. As I moved away from SoCal and into the South, I finished my education at the University of Memphis graduating with Bachelors in Exercise Sport Science and Minor in Health. I would continue athletics by picking up Olympic Lifting and CrossFit. It was here where I found a new love for Health and Fitness. After working as a Physical Therapy Technician and also a CrossFit/Weightlifting Coach, I saw the importance of fitness as a form of “Medicine”. The way physical fitness has an effect on your health was mind opening to me and I fell in love with helping people find their path to becoming the best version of them selves. Not long after that revelation, I realized how much your nutrition has just as much importance. Completing the Whole 30 a couple times I saw how food became fuel and medicine for my body. Don’t get me wrong, having the filipino inside me, I love food. However there is a perfect balance to enjoy the foods we love, but too much of anything always has potential of being a bad thing. Currently, I live in the amazing Windy City of Chicago where I work with a non profit at The University of Illinois At Chicago that partners to impact college students who are our future with Leadership Development and Character Building. I am a Track and Field coach focusing on Long and Triple Jump and I also coach with a local CrossFit Gym in the city. Both of these spaces help me engage in living out my passion in helping changing peoples lives and help them live out the best versions of themselves like they were created to be! God has intricately created each and every one of us along with the entire world and everything in it. Everything works together and for the glory of God just as He intended it to be!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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