October 2019 Newsletter

In this unique double-Open year, we first sought out a base layer of strength. We then bridged the gap between it and our conditioning...
Neil Curran
September 18, 2020

What’s Up With Programming?!

In this unique double-Open year, we first sought out a base layer of strength. We then bridged the gap between it and our conditioning through routine stamina work. Now, we’ll turn to peaking our abilities for the five weeks of competition ahead.

We have two areas of focus in the next 6 weeks:



Inside competition, especially in a game of inches that is the Open, awareness of our own limits is equally as important as our ability. It isn’t necessarily the sharpest sword that wins, but instead the sharpest warrior. Challenging ourselves with repetition schemes that will build both our physical capacity *and* our understanding of ourselves will prime us to give our best in the Open. We must have both dialed in.

Introducing “Capacity Builders”, we’ll routinely approach larger sets of Open-like movements and repetition schemes. Fine tuning familiar movements with unfamiliar conditions, our aim here is to prepare for any challenge we may see in October.

During the Open, upon each Thursday evening announcement, we will be creating our full strategy overnight for the following day’s attempt. This should help all of us perform at our highest level.

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The CrossFit Open

The 2020 CrossFit Games Open is less than three weeks away. Before feelings of panic and dread set in from the impending fitness gauntlet thrown down by Dave Castro, it’s important to remember that this is a landmark year, and it marks a full decade of the Open. For 10 seasons now affiliates around the world have gathered for weekly workout announcements, “Friday Night Lights,” and countless hours of leaderboarding. This year does mark a significant change for the Open – a move to October and the shortest “off season,” in our sports history with 67 days separating the closing ceremonies of the 2019 CrossFit Games and the announcement of 20.1. With a shortened transition window, and five weeks of testing on the horizon, we are opting to not do this year’s Open as an intramural competition and instead have this be an individualized effort. All Open WODs will be programmed, as in the past, for the Friday after their release date. This year will be more of an organic, community building experience. Once the CrossFit calendar returns to normal, we will go back to our intramural event as we have in the past. Till then, enjoy the Friday Open WODs and test yourself to see how and where you need to improve!

CrossFit Open

Olympic Lifting Update

Our new block of Olympic Lifting programming is well underway. This 12 week block has been focused on power in the second pull (think from the knee to the hips) and building strength and confidence in catch positions. We are now slowly building into heavier weights as we have gotten comfortable with some technique.

We have had some awesome turnout on Saturday mornings which is awesome! We’ve regularly had between 10 and 14 people show up! And as always, programming is available in SugarWOD – so feel free to try it out in open gym times if 7:30 Saturday is too early!


Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month for October is Sierra Neuharth! Sierra has been a member with us for awhile and in that time has encouraged plenty of people (including her husband Danny!) to join us as well! She bounces around on class times depending on her work schedule, but no matter what she’s always in here working hard. We have seen some huge improvements in her strength and skills (even though I’m pretty sure she thinks Double Unders are her nemesis) over the past few months and we wanted to celebrate her!  

Member of the month

Be sure to check out the second video!

The Masters Tour- Garage Games

This September CrossFit CE is joined the Garage Games to host the 2019 Masters Tour competition in Chicago, IL! We want to thank all of our volunteers and athletes that participated that day. We could not have asked for the day to have gone any better than it did – which was incredible! And congratulations to all of the athletes that participated – it was so cool to see you guys throw down!


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Annual Fall Fundraiser

It is that time of year again for our annual Fundraiser! We are proud to hold an event every year to come together, workout, and support a local charity that is important to us and our members.

Workout: This year the workout will be the CrossFit Total! You will have one hour to find a heavy Deadlift, Back Squat, and Strict Press (20 min to find each). Time to crush some weights!

When: Starting Saturday October 5th through the month of October!

How: Saturday Morning at 9:30 am will be Open Gym style.. so if you want to get a jump on it and find your maxes that is your time! Otherwise, our October Movement Challenge will be the CrossFit Total for the whole month of October. So anytime you can find to get a lift in throughout the month go for it! This can be during open gyms – or even talk to the coach and see if theres room during class.

Charity: All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to Project FIERCE. Project Fierce Chicago seeks to create affirming transitional housing for LGTBQIA+ youth in Chicago that is responsive to the needs of young people. By mobilizing our communities, we provide pathways to independence.

Donations: If you would like to participate in our Fundraiser month workout you have multiple options to donate.

  1. $25 suggest donation
  2. Donation amount of your choosing
  3. $30 donation – includes shirt

If you would like a shirt – please email Coach Dana with what size you would like as we have limited availability.

If you are unable or do not wish to participate in the Total – You are still more than welcome and encouraged to donate with the options above. Email Coach Dana which you would like!

*** Please note 8:30 am class will be Fight Gone Bad WOD and 9:30 will be Open Gym/CrossFit Total. All are welcome to participate in one or both!


We are very sad to announce that for the fall and winter months Burn class offered at 9ams on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are cancelled. We understand this is a difficult time for many people to attend and unfortunately have had very low attendance. But 2 positive notes!

1. 5:30pms on Tuesday and Thursday are still open!

2. We will go back to 9ams on MWF come Summer time!

Save the Dates

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