July 2019 Newsletter

Let’s take this strength out for a spin! As our strength cycle comes to a close, we spend this week testing it in 3 separate lifts – back sq
Neil Curran
September 18, 2020
What’s Up With Programming?!

Let’s take this strength out for a spin! As our strength cycle comes to a close, we spend this week testing it in 3 separate lifts – back squat, clean and floor press. Next week will be a deload week, where our volume slows down a bit and we’ll focus on accessory lifting, especially in our warm-ups. In the 3rd week of July we will begin our 8 week old cycle – focusing on improving our clean and snatch. In addition, we will focus on the primary lifts themselves specifically on technique therein.

Gym Members

Olympic Lifting Update

We are close to finishing our current lifting cycle and we are going to end with our 2nd Annual In House Olympic Lifting Meet!.  We will hold this meet at 9:15am on Sunday July 21st. Any members are encouraged to participate and attend – whether you have been attending OLY classes with regularity or not. You will be required to come in to either a Saturday morning or Thursday evening to meet with Coach Dana to go over movement standards, goal weights, etc.

This is meant to be a low pressure opportunity for our members to experience what an actual meet may look like and to show off all their hard work. We will have three USAW certified judges here to create the meet atmosphere and they are super excited to see what we’ve been working on! A separate email will go out with more details. Any questions reach out to Coach Dana!

Also, for those of you that think 7:30 am is too early on a Saturday to come in and Oly come join Coach Dana on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm during Open Gym time. She’ll be here and happy to help and run through the weekend programming!


Member of the Month

Cris has been coming to CE for almost 9 months now. She enjoys both the Burn and CrossFit WOD programs and mixes the two as her schedule of working, mother allows. In her interview, Cris opens up about her enthusiasm for CrossFit as well as her struggles. Look for her in either of our class types! She’s the lady with the smile on, working hard, with fantastic eyelashes!

Click the picture to go to the video!

Member of the month
Monthly Challenge Board

We have started a new monthly challenge board! Each month we will post a new movement that we see may be a skill our community needs to improve or spend some more time on outside of regularly programmed workouts. This month is the Low Plank Hold! The standard is to keep the spine and hips neutral – no butts high in the air or sagging to the ground!

Movement Board

The goal is to accumulate 100 minutes throughout the month. But think small increments at first! :30-:45 seconds and then increase that as the month goes by! Hopefully by then end we’ll see people doing plank holds of 2 minutes or more! Keep track of your time (and possibly your longest hold) on the board!

Adult Trampoline Night!

If ya’ll don’t know there is a fairly new trampoline park not too far from us called Altitude Chicago! They have all sorts of classes and events for all ages.

We have worked out a discount for one of their upcoming events – Adults Night at the Trampoline Park! Who doesn’t want to play Trampoline Basketball, Rock Climb, or play Extreme Dodgeball?! And then after share a beverage or two?! Well if this sounds as much fun for you as it does to us – click the link below to join us on Thursday July 25th at 7:30 pm! Use code – CrossFitCE for 10% off!


The Masters Tour- Garage Games

This September CrossFit CE is joining the Garage Games to host the 2019 Masters Tour competition in Chicago, IL! Divisions from 30 to 70+ for RX and Scaled and a new adaptive division. With a local event leaderboard AND a global ANNUAL leaderboard, this event is a qualifier for the Master of the Masters Championship event to be held in the spring of 2020 where the top of the annual leaderboard face off. So don’t delay, sign up today and get your name on that leaderboard!

For more information and to register follow the link below:

2019 Masters Tour – Chicago, IL

Save the Dates

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