January 2020 Newsletter

Programming for this upcoming month is a strength cycle. There is no substitute for raw power. But being strong is just one piece of the...
Neil Curran
September 18, 2020

What’s Up With Programming?!

Programming for this upcoming month is a strength cycle. There is no substitute for raw power. But being strong is just one piece of the puzzle. We also need to be able to use it — in our lifting, yes… but also in metcons, gymnastics, and positioning. We need strength everywhere. Develop raw strength and put it to work. Building the strength to make us dangerous, and the durability to help us wield it. One the sword, the other the shield. The best warriors have both. We’re going to increase our raw power by hammering the slow lifts–squat, deadlift, and press. We’ll increase our ability to use it through proper positioning and mobility. Moving better will lead to new PRs. And the combination of strength and durability will leave us less injury prone, so that we can train harder throughout the year.

For this month in particular, you’ll notice that we are introducing “Squat waves.” This part of our current cycle is similar to the stamina squats from last spring/early summer. Any lift has a relationship between weight and speed (i.e. as load increases, speed decreases). The wave squat program is training us to increase our speed as our load increases. As we move through, move with purpose between the squat sets. We have a programmed rest period of 3 mins between each grouping (i.e. 6-4-2). During this programmatic cycle, we will perform 6 total weeks of squatting, 4 weeks of 6-4-2, a deload week, 2 weeks of 4-3-2, deload again, and then test our 5RM back squats. Make sure you’re recording your workouts, as you’ll be able to track your 5RM improvement over this 8 week cycle of squatting.

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Olympic Lifting Update

Olympic Lifting is back! Starting back Saturday January 4th we are starting a new 12 week cycle that will take us through the end of March. Our past few cycles have focused primarily on technique – so now we will shift into consistency and comfort with full lifts. We will see lots of decent waves that increase each week paired with accessory work to build strength and stability in different positions. It’ll definitely be a fun cycle – so come on in and lift with us!

Olympic LIfting

Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month for January is Kaitlyn Witmer! Heidi has been a member with since April and has fully immersed herself in our CE community. She has been seen at all different class times – but is often found in the evening. She has spent plenty of her time as well continually working to improve – showing up to open gym and Olympic Lifting. The even better part is she has found some great friends along the way! We’re super excited to see how she continues to grow as an athlete and part of our community! (Click pic to watch video!)

Member of the Month
Origin Meals

With the closing of KettleBell Kitchen – we have looked for other businesses to provide easy and nutritious meals for our members on the go. In that search, we have found Origin Meals. The process is similar to KBK and all meals are delivered directly to CE for your convenience. They offer all sort os of sizes and food that are macro, paleo, keto (whatever your needs are) friendly. They will also be here on Monday Jan 13th at 5:30pm to give out samples, answer questions, and give discounts. So if you’re curious come check them out or check out their website at : https://www.originmeals.com

Origin Meals
Save the Dates

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