Coach Dana and CE’s Nutrition Program

Hi everyone! My name is Dana Chicoine and I am a Level 2 Crossfit Coach and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified Coach here at CrossFit CE.
Neil Curran
September 18, 2020
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Nutrition Program

Meet Our Coach

Hi everyone! My name is Dana Chicoine and I am a Level 2 Crossfit Coach and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified Coach here at CrossFit CE. We have recently begun offering a nutrition program to members, I am excited to introduce you to what we will be offering! I also realize, in my two years here at CE, many of you don’t know my nutrition/fitness background – so I’ll take the time to share as well.

Where I started

If you were to have asked me (or anyone else) 6 years ago if I would have ever seen myself in the role of a fitness and nutrition coach the answer would have been a resounding – no! I began my journey over 6 years ago overweight, barely active, and eating poorly. One day I decided I couldn’t live that way any more and began trying to get healthier through CrossFit and nutrition.

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When I first began CrossFit I fell into the mindset of “Hey! I’m doing some really hard workouts. I can totally eat whatever I want now!” Which, with an already less than stellar diet, was totally not the case. I was getting stronger, but my weight would not budge. It was incredibly disappointing, but a complete wake up call. Exercise alone wasn’t going to help me with my weight loss goals.

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So, with hesitation, I began working with a nutrition coach. Was I excited? Absolutely! But definitely nervous. Was it going to be worth it? Would I actually be able to do it? What if I fail? Am I going to have to eat vegetables?! Can I still eat pizza?! Quickly all of my questions were answered and my hesitations disappeared.

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I first began with switching my eating over to Paleo (yup – hello veggies and goodbye dairy and grains!). It was a struggle at first for sure. To eliminate foods that I was over consuming and replace them with foods that barely found their way into my kitchen was tough. I had to spend more time looking up recipes, figuring what was “allowed”, and walking around the grocery store like a lost child. But with the support of my coach and amazing people around me I made it happen and saw great success!

It was at this point, probably close to a year or so later, that I realized that this “nutrition stuff” was definitely going to be a life-long process. I was seeing ups and downs, falling off and jumping back on the wagon, adjusting goals, and trying to find out what worked best for me and my lifestyle. At this point I’ve tried numerous different nutrition plans, some with success and others not as much – but always stick with my goals.

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After spending most of my life struggling with weight issues, fad diets, failed attempts, body issues, so many different sizes of clothes, tears and frustration, I am finally in a place where I am actually living a lifestyle. Not yo-yoing around and taking mindless shots in the dark. I know what I am capable of and I am incredibly proud of my journey – because it was really hard, but worthwhile work. Not only am I happy with my aesthetic changes, but I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. And that will now always be my goal.

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Our Program

We are offering multiple different packages for nutrition coaching to accommodate the needs and goals of everyone.


Individual Services

These services are for those not looking to commit to a long term packages, but need occasional assistance with their nutrition.

Individual consult = $85

Body Composition Testing = $20

Macronutrient Calculations = $20

Macronutrient adjustments = $80 (3-4 weeks of logged nutrition required)

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